Helping you ‘live for the now and plan for the future’

Kept Assets Limited are a specialist advisory firm based in Newbury Berkshire, providing you with the most suitableĀ  outcome for your bequests.

It’s a simple fact that all of our lives come to an end, sometimes earlier than we would have liked, sometimes later.

With a little help from Kept Assets you can plan your estate to provide for the three main factors that can affect your intended outcomes:


Ensuring you can enjoy your assets and that cannot be taken away from you whilst you live, perhaps in the event of divorce or the requirement for long term care.


Keeping faith with your intentions where you have bequeathed assets, items or money to specific groups, individuals or charities.


Working within the law to reduce the effect of taxation on your estate assets as they pass down to your beneficiaries and, where applicable, future generations.