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What to do when someone dies - and in what order?

When someone close to you dies, it can be difficult to work out what to do and in what order.

Following a bereavement, there are a number of tasks to be considered and completed. This can make an already difficult time even more stressful. We appreciate there’s a lot to take on board, so we have created this practical guide to help you understand what needs to be done. Dealing with the death of a loved one is never easy. If you would like to speak to someone then you can call us.

Bereavements Can be Stressful

The key steps to follow when you suffer a bereavement are outlined on this diagram:

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Guiding you through the process

This booklet guides you through those important first steps and provides useful information to help you through this difficult time:

  • Getting a medical certificate
  • Registering the death
  • When the Coroner is involved
  • Dealing with the Will
  • Locating important papers
  • Arranging the funeral
  • Estate administration

Click the guide cover below to view and download the guide:

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