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Placing your family at the heart of your decisions

Bloodline Planning is based on placing your family at the heart of your decisions when creating your Will & Trusts. To do this we recommend that you open the conversation across the generations so that you get a more integrated approach to your plan which in our experience increases the benefits to each generation going forward. Our team are able to guide you through the best ways to open the conversation and store the data so that the right people know the right things at the right time to make your plan deliver for your family

Creating your Bloodline Plan

The first step is to engage with one of our team so we can guide you through the things you will need to consider.

You initial consultation is of course free as at the stage we do not yet know we can help you.

During the initial consultation we will want to talk with you about what you are trying to achieve with your plan and who you want to benefit from it. We will outline to you the sort of things that are possible in your circumstances and if we both feel there is more to discuss we will arrange for a second more in-depth discussion.

At the second discussion we will have a more detailed conversation about the assets you have within your estate, how you own them and any concerns you have about how these should be looked after in the future.

Should we conclude this discussion with common levels of interest you will be asked if you wish to commission a Bloodline Plan for your family.

Bloodline Planning

If you commission the plan then the fees for this are fully refundable against any products you then select to buy from us based on the recommendations of the plan.

Each selected part of your Bloodline Plan is presented back to you at a detailed level, in plain English, at every stage for you to check that we are implementing your plan in your way. Only when you have signed off that the details are correct do we move the documents into their legal format for you to sign off.

The Bloodline plan like you family is able to grow and change to suit ever changing circumstances so is of course subject to regular reviews.

Working Together

We will discuss a plan with you which suits your individual estate, your wishes and importantly, by your direction, those of your heirs. All you need to do is get in touch today to find out more on 01635 959111 where you will be given a friendly and professional welcome to Kept Assets Limited

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